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Communities in Bloom logoCommunities in Bloom (CiB) is a national Canadian non-profit, volunteer-based program that promotes "people, plants and pride" in which cities across Canada enter the competition and are awarded "Bloom Ratings." Cities are evaluated on floral displays, landscapes, turf and ground covers, urban forestry, community involvement, heritage conservation, environmental awareness and tidiness. This organization is committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community participation and the challenge of competition.

Trail's Community in Bloom Committee has been in involved in this program since 2002 and has achieved the following accomplishments:

  • 2004 - Won best city in B.C. in its category (population under 10,000);
  • 2006 - Won the National competition with a score of 86.2%(7,500 - 10,000 population-category);
  • 2007-2009 - Entered the International competition and maintained 5-Bloom rating;
  • 2009 - Recognized for the Colombo Lodge's piazza development;
  • 2009 - Awarded the first-ever Butchart Gardens Land Reclamation Award;
  • 2010 - Won the National competition with a score of 89.7%;
  • 2011 - 2013 - Entered International competitions and maintained 5-Bloom rating;
  • 2012 - Won the Floral Award which represents the Best Floral City in Canada;

  • 2013 - Entered the International competition and maintained 5-Bloom rating;

  • 2014 - Entered the International competition, maintained five blooms but also won the Landscape Award - given to a city with the best-landscaped areas in Canada.

  • 2015 - Won the International (Medium) competition and maintained 5-Bloom rating (bronze) with a score of 85.3%.

  • 2016 - Won the Community Achievement Award, which brought Canadian garden guru Mark Cullen to Trail for a special volunteer appreciation night.

  • 2017 - Entered the Communities in Bloom Class of Champions category and maintained 5-Bloom rating.

Trail Community in Bloom

The Trail Community in Bloom (CiB) Committee is made up of volunteers dedicated to the beautification of Trail. With funding from the City of Trail, Teck Metals Ltd., Home Hardware, Columbia Power Corporation and other corporate and individual sponsors, the CiB Committee plans and undertakes work to enhance the beauty of our city. Dan Rodlie serves as chair of CiB, working hand-in-hand with the Mayor, Council, City staff and a small army of volunteers to make Trail a better place to live, work and play. Some of the ongoing projects of the CiB Committee are as follows:

Floral Program

After nearly 15 years of fabulous garden designs by Bill Garnett of Columbia Valley Greenhouse, the CiB committee took over the floral program when Bill resigned for health reasons this year. Bill's floral designs helped Trail win the Floral Award in 2012 and he will surely be missed.

White Garden

The White Garden developed along the Esplanade in Jubilee Park was envisioned and pushed forward by former Village of Montrose Councillor Phyllis Stone. The idea emulates the English White Garden at Sissinghurst in Kent, England. To come up with the best design for this garden, CiB engaged horticulturalist Chris Holt of Lakeside Landscapes in Nelson. The garden has been taking shape for the past four years blooming white from spring to late fall. Overseeing the planting and maintenance of the garden is CiB volunteer Connie Smith.

Arrivederci Garden

The "Italo" or Arrivederci garden is at the exit/entrance to Trail (from the south) adjacent to Star Grocery, and has always been the most photographed garden in Trail. For spring, members of the Italo Canadese planted the entire bed in red and white tulips (won from Vessey Seeds) that blossomed beautifully in spring. As for summer, we engaged Chris Holt again to come up with a new design that would incorporate more perennials. CiB vice-chair Brian Findlow took on the task of overseeing the planting, which involved a number of volunteers.

Flowerbeds, Baskets and Banners

This year, the CiB committee wanted to celebrate Canada 150. After winning 1,000 tulips from Vesey seeds and purchasing another 1,500 Canada 150 tulips, along with a few thousand of various colours, the town welcomed spring with an array of colour. White tulips bloomed in the White Garden (planted by youth in the Take a Hike program), white and red tulips swelled up in the Italo bed on Rossland Avenue (planted entirely by members of Italo Canadese) and red tulips graced the soldier statue in the Cenotaph (planted by youth in the Sea Cadet program). The first week of June, hanging baskets appeared, all dressed in red and white for Canada 150. Over 90 huge pots were planted by CiB volunteers and were placed in spots around downtown, and East Trail. A number of "show beds" were designed and planted by CiB volunteers along the Esplanade, the Family Statue Park, cenotaph and Colombo Lodge's Piazza. In East Trail, there is a small bed along the highway which was planted this year in Trail Maple Leaf Band colours to celebrate the band's 100th anniversary.

Children's Garden of Hope

At the Sunningdale "Y" there is a special bed dedicated to children fighting cancer. Daffodils were planted for spring and this summer, volunteers are adding perennials and annuals. Children's Garden of Hope is organized, planted and maintained by Lynn Gould and her pack of volunteers.

Community Gardens

In Shaver's Bench, there is a rose garden along the highway at the entrance to the subdivision. On the other side of the highway, a grass bed graces the entrance to Miral Heights. At the top of Glover Road, there is a small "park" planted and maintained mainly by West Trail resident Gail Winters. CiB volunteers also plant the bed at the entrance to Tadanac and the Welcome-to-Trail sign on Highway 3B.  

For all the other parks and green spaces throughout the city, garden contractors, MB Landscaping maintain the beds, including a rose garden at Gyro.

Community in Bloom is not just about flowers. Here are some of the other programs we support:

Avenue of the Clans

To honour Trail's Scottish pioneers, CiB initiated Avenue of the Clans. Tartan banners depicting families from early Trail are hung on poles in East Trail and along the river walkway between the bridge and through Gyro Park. Main sponsorship for this project came from Columbia Power Corporation. We currently have about 50 banners up now and will take orders for more.  If anyone is interested, call Jessie Hendrigan at 364-9911


Murals on public and private buildings downtown all feature events that shaped Trail throughout its first 100 years.  All Trail's murals have been designed and painted by Canadian Murals, an extremely talented Kootenay company. Read more about the City's extensive mural program.

Hills to Valley Garden Tour

Replacing the garden contest, the Trail in Bloom committee organizes a spectacular garden tour each summer. The tour has expanded to include gardens in Warfield and Rivervale.  Sponsored by Teck Metals Ltd., this year's tour is happening on July 8. For more information, call chair Ian Noakes at 364-3018.

Graffiti Grannies

It is a known fact that graffiti attracts more graffiti - and nothing can bring an area or a city into a derelict-state faster than a wall of graffiti. CiB volunteer Ev Cross and friends have taken up the challenge of eliminating graffiti as it appears: on rock walls, sidewalks, boulders and rocks at Gyro Park and inside the many covered staircases on Trail's hillsides.

Incredible Landscape Committee

A subcommittee of CiB, this group sponsors the IncrEDIBLE Green Route where businesses downtown provide planters filled with vegetables instead of flowers for anyone to pick when ripe. They also oversee the Community Garden on Rossland Avenue which provides fresh produce for the food banks. The committee hosts the Farmer's Market throughout the summer. For more information, contact Gina Ironmonger at 368-6855.

Tidiness Programs

Belonging to Communities in Bloom isn't just about flowers and it's not just what the CiB committee does. The Communities in Bloom program takes in what EVERYBODY in town does. So, keeping a home with "curb appeal," a nice garden, neat boulevards and debris-free neighbourhoods is all part of the program. Hence, CiB thanks the overwhelming community of gardeners in Trail.

In addition to keeping neighbourhoods clean, there are a number of Adopt-a-Highways sponsors: Trail Rotary, Waneta Sunrise Rotary, the West Kootenay Metis Society and the Incredible Landscapes Committee have all taken on sections of the highways leading into Trail, going out twice a year to pick up debris along the roadways.

There is also a committee of Adopt-a-Stair sponsors who have taken on the task of keeping the covered stair cases in West Trail, as well as the tunnels under the highway, free of debris and graffiti.

CiB volunteers also patrol the town to rid the sidewalks of weeds and shooting grasses and frequently check for any problem areas, especially the Landfill area, which seems to get more than its share of debris flying off vehicles.

Trail Community in Bloom is a committee of council, which means we work for the City of Trail and report directly to council and city staff. Councillor Carol Dobie is our council delegate.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with weeding and planting as well as people to just come and share ideas - be part of what makes this city great. We meet about six times per year between October and May and keep connected via email. The city provides a budget of $110,000 which covers the floral program (flowers, soil, fertilizers, various gardening tools and implements), cleanup costs, running the city-owned CiB truckWe also accept donations for any of our various projects. The city will issue tax receipts for donations over $50. If wanting a memorial plaque, for instance at the White Garden, we ask for a minimum $200 donation. Please make cheques payable to the City of Trail and earmark them "Trail Community in Bloom."

 We'd like to thank all our supporters. For more information, contact chair Dan Rodlie at 368-9227.



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