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Communities in Bloom logoCommunities in Bloom (CiB) is a national Canadian non-profit, volunteer-based program that promotes "people, plants and pride" in which cities across Canada enter the competition and are awarded "Bloom Ratings." Cities are evaluated on floral displays, landscapes, turf and ground covers, urban forestry, community involvement, heritage conservation, environmental awareness and tidiness. This organization is committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community participation and the challenge of competition.

Trail's Community in Bloom Committee has been in involved in this program since 2002 and has achieved the following accomplishments:

  • 2004 - Won best city in B.C. in its category (population under 10,000);
  • 2006 - Won the National competition with a score of 86.2%(7,500 - 10,000 population-category);
  • 2007-2009 - Entered the International competition and maintained 5-Bloom rating;
  • 2009 - Recognized for the Colombo Lodge's piazza development;
  • 2009 - Awarded the first-ever Butchart Gardens Land Reclamation Award;
  • 2010 - Won the National competition with a score of 89.7%
  • 2011 - 2013 - Entered International competitions and maintained 5-Bloom rating;
  • 2012 - Won the Floral Award which represents the Best Floral City in Canada;
  • 2013 - Entered the International competition and maintained 5-Bloom rating;
  • 2014 -  Entered the International competition, maintained five blooms but also won the Landscape Award - given to a city with the best landscaped areas in Canada.
  • 2015 - Won the International (Medium) competition and maintained 5-Bloom rating (bronze) with a score of 85.3%.

Trail Community in Bloom

The Trail Community in Bloom (CiB) Committee is made up of volunteers dedicated to the beautification of Trail. With funding from the City of Trail, Teck Metals Ltd., Columbia Power Corporation and other corporate and individual sponsors, the CiB Committee plans and undertakes work to enhance the beauty of our city. Dan Rodlie has served as chair of CiB since 2004 and Bill Garnett is the garden designer. Both work hand-in-hand with the Mayor, Council, City staff and a small army of volunteers to make Trail a better place to live, work and play. Some of the ongoing projects of the CiB Committee are as follows:

Avenue of the Clans

In order to honour Trail's Scottish pioneers, CiB initiated Avenue of the Clans Tartan banners depicting families from early Trail that are hung on poles in East Trail and along the river walkway between the bridge and Gyro Park. Main sponsorship for this project came from Columbia Power Corporation.

White Garden

The White Garden that was developed along the Esplanade was envisioned and pushed forward by former Village of Montrose Councillor Phyllis Stone. The idea emulates the English White Garden at Sissinghurst Castle in England.

Flowerbeds, Baskets and Banners

Columbia Valley Greenhouses provides beautiful show gardens, planters and hanging baskets around town. Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital also gets a colourful facelift each spring, thanks to funding from the KBRH Health Foundation. The city's garden contractors, MB Landscaping maintain the beds along with CiB volunteers.


Murals on public and private buildings downtown all feature events that shaped Trail throughout its first 100 years.  All Trail's murals have been designed and painted by Canadian Murals, an extremely talented Kootenay company. Read more about the City's extensive mural program.

Trail in Bloom Garden Contest

Since 2001, volunteers have organized a garden contest and garden tour in July that is sponsored by Teck Metals Ltd. For more information, call chair Annette Gallatin at 250 364-1806.

Graffiti Grannies

It is a known fact that graffiti attracts more graffiti - and nothing can bring an area or a city into a derelict-state faster than a wall of graffiti. CiB volunteers have taken up the challenge of eliminating graffiti as it appears: on rock walls, sidewalks, boulders and rocks at Gyro Park and inside the many covered staircases on Trail's hillsides.

Resident Associations

There are currently active residents associations in Tadanac, Shaver's Bench, and Glenmerry. Sunningdale and West Trail have had groups in the past and could use a boost. Watch for a new group starting in East Trail. Each group produces its own newsletter and does its own greening and planting projects. For more information, call 250 368-9227.

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