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Trail Riverfront Centre - Library & Museum

Download the high-res drawings here (large .pdf file 32MB) and see the fundraising campaign information for the Trail & District Public Library and the Trail Historical Society.   The estimated completion date of the Trail Riverfront Centre is early 2018.

Live Construction Camera



UPDATE: October 13, 2016


UPDATE: September 13, 2016
The construction contract for the Trail Riverfront Centre was awarded to Ledcor Construction Limited of Kelowna in the amount of $5,304,656. Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in October 2016 with an estimated completion date of September 2017. Both the Library Board and the Trail Historical Society have been working closely with the architects to ensure the facility meets the needs of our community.

UPDATE: August 2, 2016
City Launches Tender for New Trail Riverfront Centre

UPDATE: May 4, 2016
New Trail Library & Museum Drawings Revealed at Silver City Days.

UPDATE: March, 2016
The Riverfront Centre architectural contract (final design, development of detailed plans & drawings and contract administration for construction) was awarded to Stantec Architecture Ltd. in the amount of $402,036.70. The design process is now well underway with a view to have the detailed design completed this Summer so construction can start in the late Summer or early Fall of 2016. It is anticipated that the construction will take one year to complete and therefore the facility should be opened in the Fall of 2017.

UPDATE: October 26, 2015
Council approved an amendment of the 2015 - 2019 Financial Plan to include the Riverfront Centre Planning and Construction Budget in the amount of $6.288 million in 2015.  With planning work for the Riverfront Centre's construction getting underway earlier than anticipated, it was necessary to include moneys in the current year's budget. The budget will be revisited as part of the 2016 and 2017 Capital Budget as required. Council also agreed to engage the LEC Group, a Vancouver-based company that provides cost and management services for construction projects, for the role of Quantity Surveyor (QS)* for the Riverfront Centre project in accordance with the proposal dated October 16, 2015.
* The QS will review the budget for the Riverfront Centre project that was originally compiled by Boni-Madison and its QS when the concept plan was developed in 2014.  Further reviews of the construction budget will be undertaken once the architect is hired and the detailed design is developed.

UPDATE: November 15, 2014
Preliminary results of voting on the Integrated Library and Museum Construction Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 2781, 2014 are as follows:      

YES                            1625
NO                             1033

The assent of the electors has been obtained (61% in favour).

Background Information

Trail Council has dedicated the land previously occupied by the Eagles Building and the adjacent building for the construction of the Trail Riverfront Centre - integrated library and museum. On November 15, 2014, Trail's electors voted in favour for the construction of the facility.

An engaging cultural facility with a modern a library and museum

  • Offers interactive, hands-on learning experiences with up-to-date technology;
  • A multi-generational gathering place with a community focus; welcoming to all! 

Central, downtown location - easy access for everyone

  • Provides easy downtown accessibility with ample parking;
  • Direct access to the waterfront and beautiful Esplanade;
  • Situated in an attractive location for community, business functions and events;
  • The building design offers a family-style café or restaurant opportunity.


Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Will the Trail Riverfront Centre look exactly like the rendering in the image above? 

ANSWER: Yes.  The rendering above is the final design.  The detailed renderings can be viewed here (large .pdf file 32MB).  The construction contract will be awarded at the end of August, 2016 and construction will start at the beginning of September, 2016.  Expected completion date is early 2018.


QUESTION: How big will the Trail Riverfront Centre be?

ANSWER: Trail Council has dedicated the land previously occupied by the Eagles Building and the adjacent building for the construction of the proposed two-storey facility.  The 15,000sq/ft building will also take a portion of Helena Street (approximately 15ft. out from the old Eagles' lot property line) and will still allow for ample street parking and easy access to the facility.


QUESTION: What will happen to the current Library and Museum space in the Trail Memorial Centre (TMC)?

ANSWER: Trail City Council is aware a new facility will vacate space in the TMC.  Detailed discussions and planning in order to fill these spaces will take place in due course. There will be sufficient time (2-3 years) to make these decisions.


QUESTION: As a Trail resident tax payer, how will this new facility impact my annual taxes?

ANSWER: To date, the $6.29 million facility has received $520,000 in grant funding from Columbia Basin Trust ($500,000) and the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance ($20,000).  This funding reduces the annual debt payment over 25 years . Therefore, based on an $181,200 property tax assessment, the yearly tax implication would be $38.   Please use the chart below and your most recent property tax assessment to calculate your yearly tax increase.

$100,000 assessment


$200,000 assessment



QUESTION: How will more money be raised to bring the $6.29M cost down?

ANSWER: Members of Trail Library and the Trail Historical Society are currently working on several grant and sponsorship applications. The goal is to receive enough funding to bring the cost down by approximately $2M.   Visit www.trailhistory.com & www.traillibrary.com to learn how YOU can donate!


QUESTION: Why is this proposed facility a good thing for our community?

ANSWER: The new facility will bring new opportunities that will enrich Trail's culture and education for everyone in our community. The multigenerational facility will have something to offer people of all ages and income levels. Modern technology in both the library and museum will bring our educational facility to the same modern level as other municipalities in our Province.


QUESTION: Why was the location on the Esplanade chosen?

ANSWER: The location, along Trail's riverfront, was chosen for its easily accessible downtown location and  proximity to parking spots. As well, the lot is located on the picturesque Esplanade along the Columbia River. The river is an integral part of our City, lifestyle, recreation and culture. Therefore, a community-focused facility along the scenic Esplanade is ideal. Additionally, downtown businesses could greatly benefit from the number of people who will be in the area to access the new facility.


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